Effective Tooth Loss Solutions – The Dental Implant

There are two well-known, cost-effective methods of solving the issue of tooth loss. The most common form of tooth loss restoration in the world is the creation and implementation of dentures. However, dentures are imperfect solutions that lack permanence. They can slip around inside the mouth, need to be removed routinely to be cleaned, or […]

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Tips For Proper Oral Hygiene

Many people think taking care of their teeth means brushing them before bedtime and going to the dentist when they think they have a problem. If you are unaware of all the ways you should be taking care of your teeth, you want to educate yourself so you can avoid teeth problems, including cavities and […]

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Gum Disease And Smoking

Gum disease is caused when bacteria in the mouth forms plaque and tartar.  If plaque and tartar remain on the teeth for too long, it can cause inflammation of the gums.  A mild form of gum disease is called gingivitis.  Gingivitis is fairly easy to treat by brushing, flossing, and receiving dental cleanings on a […]

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