3 Health Conditions And Their Link To Dentures

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For many who have lost teeth, dentures are a way to once again enjoy certain foods and improve their speech. However, unless the dentures are taken care of properly, they could possibly lead to the development of other conditions or exacerbate the symptoms of some. 

Dentures and Oral Cancer

Although there is no definitive proof yet, some medical researchers believe that irritation caused by wearing poorly fitted dentures can possibly lead to the development of oral cancer. The thought is that the dentures can cause known carcinogens, such as tobacco, to become trapped next to the gums. As a result, the prolonged exposure can possibly cause cancer. 

To lower your risk of cancer development, it is important that you have your dentures properly fitted and adjusted. Talk to your dentist about a regular schedule for checkups. You also should thoroughly clean them with a brush and soap two to three times daily to remove food particles and other debris. 

Dentures and Pneumonia

Elderly people who sleep in their dentures are at a greater risk of developing pneumonia than their counterparts who remove them. Researchers also believe that the denture wearers also experienced a higher occurrence of denture plaque and inflammation. Both inflammation and plaque can increase the odds of developing more serious dental problems, including gum disease, which can be particularly harmful if you have any remaining teeth.

Simply removing the dentures overnight while sleeping can help reduce the risk of pneumonia. You can also lower your risk of developing other dental problems, including inflammation, by soaking the dentures in a denture cleaning solution. 

Dentures and Dementia

Researchers found a link between the development of dementia and poorly fitted dentures. Dentures alone accounted for a 3.2 percent increase in the chances that a person would have dementia. The increased risk is often part of a combination of other health factors, including vision and hearing problems. 

Researchers believe that taking steps such as ensuring the dentures are well-fitted can lower your risk of developing dementia. You also need to take care of your overall health, which includes getting regular vision and hearing examinations to detect and treat problems as early as possible. 

There are other health conditions that can be somehow linked to wearing dentures. Fortunately, many of those are controllable and avoidable with good care of your dentures. If you are unsure your denture hygiene plan is solid, talk to your dentist like one from Silverado Family Dental to get pointers.