Filling, Filing, Or Veneer? Why You Need An Experienced Cosmetic Dentist For A Visible Chip

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If you're pondering how to make the best of a chipped front tooth, you may be overwhelmed with options. A chipped front tooth can be minimal in appearance, but it can mean discomfort and secondary problems down the road if left unfixed. So if you're interested in finding the right fit for your smile and lifestyle, here's why you need a good cosmetic dentist.

Experience Makes The Difference

When it comes to even minor cosmetic changes to your smile, visiting an experienced cosmetic dentist can offer you options you may not have considered, and it can also help you deduce a solution that's catered to your specific needs. Chipped front teeth should always be assessed by a dentist to ensure that damage hasn't occurred at a deeper level, like beneath the gum or into your jaw. But beyond a visual and diagnostic assessment of your chip, a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry can also help you find options to alleviate the defect that suits your lifestyle and budget.

If you have a small chip on a front tooth that could be filed or corrected with a bond filling, filing may offer you a more permanent solution to the imperfection. Cosmetic dentists have experience in shaping, or filing down the chipped tooth, as well as surrounding teeth, to eliminate the need for bonding, which can be susceptible to repair later on. Filing can be a more affordable and easier option for those thinking of correcting the problem with a veneer as well, as an experienced cosmetic dentist can permanently shape surrounding teeth to be more continuous and aesthetically appealing, so you can eliminate the time and money it would take to be fit with a porcelain crown.

Bonding may be more appropriate for some types of visible chips, like if damage is too extensive to remove by filing or you aren't prepared to opt for a dental veneer. Bonding is also better than filing or veneers for either young adults or older ones, because it's more affordable and less invasive. For young adults, bonding a chip before adulthood can provide a fix that can later be crowned with a permanent veneer once all the teeth have stopped shifting, instead of filing all teeth to cover the imperfection.

Though there are many solutions to a chip in your front teeth, finding the solution that works best for you is key to maintaining a healthier smile for life. So instead of asking a friend, family member, or website forum which option you need to get a great-looking smile, you need to make an appointment to see an experienced cosmetic dentistry professional.