Do's And Don'ts For Staying Comfortable After Your Dental Implant Surgery

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While getting a dental implant is an effective solution to replace your missing or damaged tooth, you will invariably experience some pain and discomfort after it is installed by your cosmetic dentist. While the pain is manageable and temporary, there are many things that you can do to help yourself feel better while your gums and jawbone heal from your dental surgery.

To stay comfortable after your dental implant surgery, follow these simple but effective time-tested do's and don'ts:

Do rinse your mouth with saltwater to keep your implant's surgical site clean and to help stave-off potential infections. You can make a saltwater solution by mixing a teaspoon of table salt in a mug of warm water. To prevent pain from temperature sensitivity, don't use excessively hot or cold water to make your salt solution. Rinse your mouth for about a minute and then spit the saltwater into your sink. Do not swallow the salt water because it will likely make you vomit.

Don't try to be a pain hero. Even if you do not want to take the pain medication that your cosmetic dentist has prescribed for you, it is essential that you take the medication for the first couple of days after your dental implant installation. Taking your pain medication as prescribed will help to reduce your pain and discomfort to a lower level and will allow you to brush and keep the surgical site cleaner. Also, pain management will also keep you from instinctively biting down in an attempt to alleviate your pain.

Do drink your favorite hot tea. Teas contain tannins which are compounds that naturally alleviate pain. For dental pain, you can brew your favorite tea blend and then place the tea bag directly on the site of your pain. Once your pain is gone, then you should throw the teabag into the trash. You can then drink the warm tea for additional pain relief and relaxation.

Don't touch your surgical site with your fingers. While you may instinctively want to touch and feel the new dental implant or rub your sore gum tissue, you should avoid doing so at all cost. Touching or rubbing your surgical site can introduce bacteria and lead to an infection.


By following these do's and don'ts post-surgically, you can help to speed your recovery time and prevent a serious infection in your gums at the surgical site for your new dental implant. To learn more, contact a dentist like Daniel Savini DDS.