Why Taking Your Child To The Dentist Before Kindergarten Is A Must

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If you have a child that has never seen the dentist and they are starting kindergarten, you want to get them seen to make sure everything is alright. There are a lot of problems that can occur in a child's mouth if they don't get regular dental cleanings and screenings.

If your child has crooked teeth, it's even more important that they get checked out. Here are a few things that you should expect at the dentist on their first visit.


The hygienist will clean the teeth to remove the plaque and decay, and they will clean in between the teeth to help clean out the gum tissue. This will remove dangerous bacteria that can cause cavities, and help keep the gum tissue healthy. Dental cleanings are important because the professionals can reach the places your child can't reach with their brush.


X-rays aren't just beneficial because they will show if the child has any type of cavities, but they will also show if there are alignment problems. If the teeth are crooked and pushing into each other, if there are adult teeth coming in sideways, or if there are impacted problems, it will come up on the X-rays. Without cavity detection and treatment, your child may have sensitivity or cavities, and end up with a dental abscess that could be fatal.

Orthodontic Inspection

Orthodontic problems at an early age can cause a lot of problems with adult teeth, and orthodontic problems can also cause pain and speech problems. The dentist will inspect the teeth to see if the child has orthodontic concerns like TMJ or a bite problem, and to see if crooked teeth are getting decayed. The dentist will also look for palate problems and malformations of the jaw.

A lot of schools will require that you take your child to see a dentist before you bring them in for their first day of school. You'll want to do this anyway so you can start getting them in the routine of going to the dentist, to practice good oral hygiene and to make sure they take care of their smile over time. Detecting oral health problems in your child at a young age can help them have healthier adult throughout their teenage years and as an adult, so get them in right away. If you're looking for a dentist in your area, visit Chris T. Thomas, DDS.