Tips To Relieve Temporary Dental Pain After Teeth Whitening

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If you just had your teeth whitened and the treatment has left them feeling extra sensitive, then there are some very specific things that you can do to reduce your discomfort. 

Follow these tips to relieve any pain that you experience after having your teeth whitened:

Tip: Follow Your Doctor's Recommendation About Brushing After Treatment

While you should brush your teeth very thoroughly before you head out for your whitening treatment, you should not brush your teeth when you first get back home. If your cosmetic dentist doesn't offer the information, make sure that you ask them when you can brush your teeth again safely. Brushing too soon will open the pores of your teeth and lead to more sensitivity problems. By waiting to brush, you will keep from having to suffer from added sensitivity.

Tip: Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist for a Prescription for Desensitizing Gel or Paste

If your teeth become very sensitive following whitening, then your cosmetic dentist can prescribe a desensitizing paste that you can apply to your teeth. The paste is a calcium-based product that will help to replace the calcium lost during the whitening procedure.

Additionally, if you only have a couple areas of sensitivity, then your dentist can prescribe a desensitizing gel that you can paint onto the sensitive areas of your teeth with a cotton swab.

Tip: Avoid Hot, Cold, and Acidic Foods and Drinks Post Treatment

To reduce problems with post-whitening sensitivity, you should avoid foods and drinks that are too hot, too cold, or contain a lot of acids. The hot and cold foods will lead to pain and the acidic options can cause damage to your teeth. Some foods and drinks to avoid include:

In addition, you should not eat any foods that can stain your teeth while they are healing and forming their new protective covering of proteins. If stains penetrate into the newly cleaned enamel, then you may not be able to remove them at a later date with teeth whitening treatments.

Finally, if your teeth do not return to their usual level of sensitivity within a few days to a week's time, then you should place a call to your cosmetic dentist for advice (read more here). Your dentist may ask you to come into their office to check on your teeth's healing progress and may need to apply a sealant or other product to teeth that continue to feel sensitive.