Choosing The Right Method For Replacing Your Missing Teeth

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When you are missing a few teeth and need to replace them, it is best to know all of your options. By researching different dental appliances, you will have an easier time determining which ones will best suit your needs.

Traditional Bridge

When you are only missing one or two teeth in a row, you have the option of getting a traditional bridge. This dental appliance bridges the gap between a few missing teeth.

The bridge is made of a couple of pieces, which includes the false teeth you want to replace and two caps. The caps fit over the teeth directly next to the gap. To place the caps, the dentist will grind down the exterior of the two teeth on both sides of the gap, so that the caps fit over them. Grinding down the enamel some will make it so the new caps do not add any extra bulk to your mouth.

The middle section that is attached to the caps will be the false teeth. These teeth are usually solid acrylic or porcelain and they sit directly above the gums. In most cases, the dentist attaches the caps with a dental adhesive so they do not shift or pop off while you eat.

Implant Options

Implants are another option for replacing missing teeth. However, since there are different types of implants, you need to know more about each option.

You can choose to replace each tooth with an implant. This method involves an oral surgeon placing a metal rod into the jawbone, which acts as the root for the false tooth. The problem with this method is that it can be difficult and time consuming to replace each tooth with an implant.

Your other option that works well for several missing teeth is an implant-supported bridge. With this option, you have two implants placed into your mouth, but they have a dental bridge attached to them. This is the same concept as a traditional bridge, except the dentist will use the implants to anchor the bridge in your mouth.

An implant-supported bridge does take more work to put into place, because you first need the rods inserted into your jawbone. After the implant sites heal, the dentist can then attach the bridge, which that is permanent and secure.

Before you choose a method for replacing your missing teeth, it is best to know more about the different options. By having this information, and talking to professionals like the ones at Rose City Dental Care, you can then choose the appropriate method for your dental issue.