Juice Jeopardy: 3 Dangers Of Fruit Juice For Toddlers

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When babies transition into toddlerhood, they begin exploring many more foods and beverages. One common choice among parents is fruit juice. If this is something you regularly give your child, you may want to consider the risks of doing so. Below you will find some helpful information regarding the dangers of fruit juice for toddlers.

One: More Sugar Than You May Realize

Many parents choose juice instead of beverages like soda. This may be because juices are frequently marketed using charming phrases like "100% juice" or "a serving of fruit in every glass". After all, juice is surely better than soda for toddlers, right? What these advertisements do not divulge is the unhealthy amounts of sugar in these so-called healthy juices. Take a look at these statistics:

As you can see, popular fruit juices contain as much sugar or more sugar than sodas. Think about it like this: would you feed your child 10 tablespoons of sugar? This is approximately how much is in apple juice, so perhaps you should stick with healthier alternatives. Some examples include flavored water and caffeine-free tea.

Two: Not Enough Nutrients For Your Tiny Tot

Toddlers are constantly growing and playing, so they need sufficient nutrients on a daily basis. Since fruit juices are made from fruit, it is easy to assume they offer nutrients. However, this is not the case. An eight-ounce glass of apple juice contains:

It is pretty clear that fruit juices are not a good source of nutrients. To make sure your toddler gets the vitamins and minerals he or she needs, stick with offering a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Three: A Prime Cause Of Your Kiddo's Cavities

Due to high sugar content and a lack of calcium, fruit juices can be a prime cause of cavities in children. In addition to this, toddlers often lack the skills to properly brush, floss and rinse their teeth. That makes sugar and plaque buildup much more likely.

Fortunately, a pediatric dentist can help you teach your tot how to thoroughly clean his or her teeth. Your dentist can also suggest healthy and safe alternatives to popular fruit juices. He or she will also examine and clean your child's teeth and can take care of any existing cavities. Make sure to schedule regular appointments to keep your toddler's teeth in good condition. Contact a clinic, such as Round Lake Dental Clinic, for more information.