The Pros And Cons Of All On Six Dental Implants

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If your teeth are bad and you need to have them removed, you have a couple of options for new teeth. You can have dental implants screwed into your jaw one by one for each and every tooth you need. You can use traditional dentures. Or you can have "all on six" dental implants. All on six dental implants take a denture-like item and then adhere it to six dental implant screws in your lower or upper jaw, to help adhere the denture-like piece into place. Learning the benefits that all on six dental implants have over individual tooth implants or dentures can help you determine if this option is right for you. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons associated with all on six dental implants. 

The Cons of All on Six Dental Implants

Not Everyone Is a Candidate for All on Six Implants

One of the downsides to all on six dental implants is that not everyone is a candidate. Just like with implants, you need to have enough density in your jawbone to support the screws that are being anchored in place. Additionally, you need to be in relatively good health, as you will undergo sedation when the screws are being implanted. If you are not a candidate for individual dental implants, you likely are not for all on six dental implants either. 

It Is Still Pricier Than Traditional Dentures

The other disadvantage to all on six dental implants is that they are pricey. If your budget is limited, all on six implants may be out of your price range. While this option is typically less than a mouth full of individual implants, it is still considerably pricier than traditional dentures. And unfortunately, many dental insurance policies do not cover dental implants or all on six implants at this time. 

The Pros of All on Six Dental Implants

Installing the Six Post Is Less Invasive Than Individual Implants

One of the major benefits to all on six dental implants is that installing six posts is less invasive than installing 16 individual implants on the upper section of the mouth or 16 on the lower section of the mouth. 

The Screws Hold the Denture-Like Piece Firmly in Place

The other advantage to all on six dental implants is that the six posts help to firmly hold the denture-like piece in place. This helps to ensure the piece does not slip when you are eating, chewing or talking. This helps to give the teeth a more realistic look and feel, just like individual implants do. 

If you have lost all of your upper or lower teeth, or need to have them pulled, you have a few options for false teeth. Learning the pros and cons for each option and talking to a dentist at clinics like Lake Pleasant Dentistry will help you determine the option that makes the most sense for you. This can help ensure that you are happy with your teeth and your smile.