Dental Myths You Don't Want To Fall For

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There are myths out there about anything and everything. Therefore, it should come as little surprise to learn that there are tons of myths regarding dental care as well. Here are some of the myths you may hear the most often and the real deal so you aren't believing false things that can lead to you doing the wrong things to and for your teeth.

Myth: Chewing ice helps you remove plaque from your teeth

Grinding up ice cubes in the garbage disposal may help you to clean the blades of the disposal, but this is not the case when it comes to your teeth. It may seem like chewing ice cubes would be good for your teeth, but it's not true. In fact, chewing on ice is bad for your teeth. You can chew an ice cube at the wrong angle and end up with a fractured or chipped tooth.

Myth: You should drink sports drinks over sodas

The truth is both sports drinks and sodas are bad for your teeth. While sports drinks are advertised as a good way for you to replenish your body when you are doing a lot of sweating, they still aren't good for your teeth. Sports drinks still have a lot of sugar in them, and many of them also have colorful dyes. This means they are bad for your teeth, and they can lead to staining. Water is always going to be the best thing for you to drink when it comes to your teeth.

Myth: Lemonade is safe for your teeth because it is made from fruit

Even if you drink a sugar-free lemonade, you still want to be extremely careful with how much you consume because lemonade has a lot of acid in it, and this means that it can strip your teeth of some of their enamel, leaving them weaker and more prone to problems.  

Myth: Mouthguards are for contact sports only

You may have heard the importance of wearing a mouthguard if you participate in contact sports like hockey or boxing, but you may also have heard that mouthguards are only for contact sports like these. Many people think mouthguards are to protect you from things like balls or pucks hitting you or to protect your mouth from flying fists. However, there are many other times you should wear a mouthguard, and they include anything that can hurt your mouth. Even if you rollerskate or ride a skateboard, you should think about making sure you have a mouthguard in.

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