2 Reasons Dental Implants Have Such High Success Rates

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According to most statistics, dental implants succeed over 95% of the time, leaving less than 5% of all dental implants unsuccessful. This is a very high rate of success, and there are reasons for this. If you need a tooth replaced and want a solution that is permanent and that offers great results, you should consider choosing a dental implant. Here are two of the top reasons dental implants are so successful for people who need them.

Dentists carefully screen patients

The first reason this high success rate exists is due to the screening process dentists use for patients. When a person visits a dentist to get an implant, the dentist will not simply agree to it and start the process. Instead, the dentist will use a thorough screening process to make sure that the person is a good candidate for this type of tooth replacement product.

The screening process will include several key steps, and the first step is a basic health questionnaire. The dentist will ask the person a series of questions related to his or her health and habits. If a person is healthy and does not smoke, the person will likely be a good candidate for an implant at this point. A person who has a major medical problem or that smokes might be ruled out as a good candidate.

The second part of the screening process involves an examination of the teeth, x-rays, and any other tests needed to evaluate the person's mouth. The goal of this is to make sure there is enough jawbone and that the person's mouth is free of oral problems.

Dentists will only approve dental implants for people who meet all the requirements for them, and this is one of the top reasons dental implants have such a high success rate.

Implants are almost as secure as regular teeth

The other reason that implants succeed most of the time is due to the way they are placed in the mouth. An implant is placed in the mouth by connecting an artificial tooth to the person's jawbone. This creates a bond that is almost as strong and secure as a normal tooth with its roots. Because of this, an implant will not be able to move, and this is a top reason you can be certain that an implant will last a lifetime if you get one.

Choosing a dental implant is not the only option you have for replacing missing teeth, but it is the option with the highest success rate. If you would like more information about dental implants, contact a dental clinic in your city, like NOVA PREMIER DENTAL.