4 Tips To Soothe Your Child's Toothache

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No parent likes to see their child sick or in pain. Unfortunately, toothaches are a fact of life, and most children will have a toothache at some point. You don't have to watch your child suffer through it alone. Here are four tips you can use to soothe your child's toothache:

1. Apply topical anesthetic

If your child's tooth is bothering them, it's best to treat the cause of the pain at the source. You can buy over the counter ointments to soothe your child's toothache. These are formulated from topical anesthetics such as Lidocaine. Follow the directions on the medication and apply it to your child's gums around the affected tooth as directed. If you prefer to use natural products, clove oil can also provide a numbing effect.

2. Give your child painkillers

If a topical anesthetic isn't enough to make your child feel better, give them an over-the-counter painkiller. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are both safe and effective when used as directed. If your child is under 12 years old, you will have to give them painkillers designed specifically for children. Never exceed the recommended dosage, since ibuprofen and acetaminophen can both cause internal problems in large quantities.

3. Make an appointment with your child's dentist

While painkillers and topical numbing creams can provide temporary relief, you should still make an appointment with your child's dentist as soon as possible. A toothache is usually a sign of a cavity, and cavities don't heal on their own. Your child's dentist can x-ray their mouth to find the source of their pain. They'll then make a treatment plan, which will probably involve cleaning out any tooth decay and filling your child's cavity. A pediatric dentist will patiently explain the procedure to your child and do their best to make sure they're comfortable during the experience.

4. Cut out sensitizing stimuli

Too much sugar is bad for your child's teeth, but it should especially be avoided when they have a toothache. Sugar can exacerbate tooth pain because weakened enamel can allow the sugar to penetrate your child's teeth, according to Crest. Cold and hot drinks can also bother your child's tooth, so try to cut down on these things until your child can be seen by their dentist. Have your child stick to room temperature water and skip dessert in order to minimize their pain. A toothpaste made for sensitive teeth can also help