Why Get Dental Implants For Your Whole Mouth?

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Should you get dental implants? Are they worth the investment for your entire mouth? Can you get away with getting a single dental implant now and then getting more in the future as you can afford them? The reality is, dental implants can be beneficial in many ways to help you improve your smile and feel better about yourself, so don't feel like you have to ignore getting these just because they seem more cosmetic in their application than medical.

You can get dental implants for your entire mouth if you meet a few criteria. Here are some reasons you should get dental implants for your whole mouth.

You've tried and failed with dentures

Have you tried dentures already to no avail and hate wearing them? You're not alone if dentures are not your thing; many people do not enjoy dentures because they move around a lot and are hard to keep put in the mouth properly. You can get dentures temporarily while you wait to get your dental implants put in, but if you truly do not like wearing dentures at all, then dental implants may be much better for you in general.

Since dental implants are adhered to your gums by being inserted into your jawbone, you won't have the same issues of your teeth moving around that you may be experiencing currently with dentures. Get a more permanent dental solution with dental implants.

You have healthy jawbone tissue

You have to have healthy jaws to have your dental implants done. However, if your bone density is weak or you have a jawbone that isn't fully able to support a dental implant yet, you can get bone grafting done as part of the prep work for getting dental implants done. Talk to your dentist about this option to see if it will work well for you if your jawbone tissue is not where you want it to be.

You have the money

Some dental insurance programs are willing to help with the costs of dental implants, while others are not. It's up to your dental insurance provider as to whether these costs are helped with or not, so you will want to check with your provider to see what they will cover; usually you will have to pay for some of the procedure out of pocket, so make sure you have the funds to get this type of dental work done. Dental implants are worth it and are a great investment towards your smile.

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