Cosmetic Dentistry Helps With Many Problems People May Have With Their Teeth

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If you have problems with your teeth such as cavities or gingivitis, then you will need to go to the dentist for dental care. However, you can also get help from the dentist because you have things going on with your teeth that make you not like the way they look. When you have things done to your teeth to improve the way that they look, this is referred to as cosmetic dentistry. Here is some more information on cosmetic dentistry.

Some people have abnormally small teeth

There are some people who have very small teeth. In many cases, when someone has very small teeth it also means that their teeth will have spaces between them. The dentist will be able to help with this type of cosmetic issue as well. The usual treatment for this type of situation is to use porcelain veneers that go over the small teeth and give the person normal-sized teeth. Also, porcelain veneers can be put on a single tooth that's smaller than all of the others to make that tooth match the size of the rest of the person's teeth. 

Teeth discoloration can be permanent 

Some people end up with dark teeth due to a side effect of a medication that they have taken, and the discoloration is permanent. Other times, people are born with a genetic condition that causes their teeth to be darker in color due to thinner enamel. With permanent situations such as these, the teeth can't be whitened using traditional methods. Instead, the dentist needs to do something else, such as putting bonding on the teeth or adhering whiter porcelain veneers to them. The bonding or the veneers will look real, and the patient can choose the color and shade that works best for their skin complexion and gives them as white of a smile as they would like. 

Some people have long gums

Some people have gums that look too large and seem to come down too far. These types of smiles are often referred to as gummy smiles. This may seem like a problem that there isn't much that can be done for. However, there is good news for these people because there are cosmetic dental treatments that can be done to help. In some cases, a soft tissue laser treatment can be used to remove that excessive gum tissue in order to give the patient a smile with much less exposed gumline.

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