How To Justify The Cost Of Dental Implants Over Traditional Dentures

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A reality when it comes to dental implants is this: they're not cheap. How do you justify the cost, especially when dental insurance isn't likely to cover the entire thing? Just so you know, dental insurance is likely to pay for the posts for the crown to go on, but the sedation, pain medication, recovery services, and other services associated with dental implants may not be covered.

If you need to replace all your teeth, then dentures are often cheaper than dental implants. Admittedly, they are also less of a process to get as well, since once your teeth are pulled your gums are just fitted for new dentures. Why then, consider dental implants in the first place? What makes them so beneficial?

If you are thinking of getting dentures or dental implants and cannot decide which is best for you and you can potentially afford both, learn why dental implants are actually the better investment. Even if you cannot entirely afford dental implants, they're worth looking into anyway for the following reasons.

They last way longer than dentures

Your dental insurance may only cover a certain number of dentures over a certain period of time. The problem with this is that your face and gums change shape all the time, leaving you unable to just stick with the same dentures without feeling pain or discomfort. You'll end up spending a lot of money out of pocket in the end. By contrast, you can just get dental implants which cost more initially but last nearly indefinitely. In the end, the time and money spent on dental implants is far more beneficial than dentures.

They look and feel more natural than dentures

Dentures are easily spotted if they are too large or too small for the face or if the dentures don't look natural. Dental implants are designed to match the shape of your mouth and face and are implanted into your natural gums. This means that they will look more natural and certainly fit more naturally in your mouth. If you want to feel confident with your smile, then you want to make your smile as natural and appealing as possible. This can make the investment in dental implants far more worth it to you even if they are initially expensive.

Should you get dental implants even if they are costlier than traditional dentures? In the end, it's up to you but if you want a happy and healthy smile that looks and feels more natural and lasts, then this may be the best solution for your needs. For more information on dental implants, contact a professional near you.