Wearing Clear Aligners To Treat Gaps Between Teeth

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Are you satisfied with your overall appearance, but have gaps between your teeth that make you less confident? If you smile with your mouth closed as a way to hide the gaps, it can make it appear to others that you are unfriendly or have low self-esteem. If you are ready to let your smile show how confident you are, consider getting the gaps closed by visiting a dentist. If you are not into metal braces but want to get rid of the gap in your teeth, clear aligners can do the same job as metal braces. Wearing clear aligners is a treatment method that comes with several benefits.

How Are Clear Aligners Beneficial?

Clear aligners are beneficial because they can treat gaps without having to show a lot of metal on your teeth. No metal also means that your mouth will feel more comfortable during the process. For example, there will not be any metal to irritate your gums or for food to get stuck in between. A benefit of wearing clear aligners is that they are more convenient than metal braces when eating, as they can be removed. Removing the aligners can also be done when you are flossing your teeth.

How Do Clear Aligners Treat Gaps?

Clear aligners treat gaps by applying pressure, but they do this in a different way than metal braces. For example, metal braces work by a dentist tightening wires around teeth with a specific amount of pressure. After so long during the treatment process, the metals must be retightened for the results to be satisfactory. With clear aligners, the aligner trays will be customized to fit your teeth in a way that applies pressure. Rather than getting wires retightened, you will have to switch out the trays after every so many weeks have passed.

Do Aligners Need Special Care?

Clear aligners are a lot easier to take care of than if you were to get metal braces installed. The reason is because you can brush the aligners with toothpaste and water to remove debris and prevent bacteria from growing. You do not have to spend a lot of time trying to remove stuck food as with metal braces. However, you must also keep your teeth brushed to keep the aligners in good condition for as long as necessary before switching to new trays.

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